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#trilliondollarfunds. The Canadian Mutual Fund Industry is worth more than $1 Trillion. What’s your share? Get a Free Portfolio Reviiew
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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

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Mutual Fund Press mutual fund news, information and reports delivered the way you want at your door step or to your desktop. Mutual Funds Canada recognizes all the traditional ways mutual fund companies have regularly promoted, marketed and advertised funds in the past. Today just one way of advertising may not be the best idea; a combination of 2 or 3 medias with a carefully organized marketing plan can be efficient and get proven results. Mutual Fund Companies have a need to market there funds and family of funds continuously to replenish and grow the fund and fund company assets regardless of market growth or loss. There are over 85 mutual fund company, investment companies and money management firms serving up over 4000 funds making the Canadian Mutual Fund Market quite robust with a lot of variety and a mix in all types of exposure. The FUNDCO therefore competes with its own internal funds along with that of all the other firms offering a line of funds or complete family of funds. Marketing, sales and advertising of funds happens in two way the manufacturer for example banks rely heavily on there retail clients and often cross sell their clients on all of there products including mutual funds. The Advisor Channel is the primary and preferred way mutual funds are distributed with regard to added-value, service and returns. How do top fund companies try to maintain their market share while others are aggressively marketing and include acquisition markets that are abound and a quiet way of growing dominant market share as seen in the last few years with bank takeovers of investment fund and stock brokerages.  In a fast-changing financial market companies have to differentiate themselves even more so today. Mutual Funds Canada along with and along with social and business media partners like and as Push-Pull media partners. With accelss to all the right target markets and having developed the "made for" tools and technology to attract and retain the attention of investors, advisors and fund manufacturers.
Mutual Fund Press - Mutual Fund News - even New Mutual Fund - to disclose news and information on the biggest and best mutual fund portal in Canada is clearly the face of Mutual Funds in Canada. With over 250 keyword related sites in the fund industry and over 2800 banners and back links from related MONEY Network sites and 7 of the top 10 media companies promoting our services makes our unique media services opportunites quite lucrative and growth oriented.
Canadian Mutual Fund Companies take advantage of dollar-cost-advertising a new smart approach to social, business and advisors media combined. Mutual Fund Companies need to continually sell and grow their asset base. Every mutual fund company usually has a family of funds available so management firms compete amongst themselves for the same investment dollar as other companies and families of funds. Evidently there is a strong and healthy investment marketplace when there is a variety of funds and alternative funds so mutual funds and investments can compete for similar type business. Mutual Fund Sales, marketing and distribution are important key factors in maintaing market share in a very competitive business environment. Mutual Fund Companies have a need to grow and the two most common are through the big bank offerings available at retail banks in Canada and then there is the broker and brokerage method again with the big banks and some niche players. Bank Mutual Funds a heading and category that should be made permanent as over 40% of the mutual fund market is controlled by the biggest banks in Canada. Between independent mutual funds and bank offered funds there is close to 700 billion in funds actively in the entire Canadian universe of funds and alternative funds available for purchase. With over 85 mutual fund, investment fund and money management firms and companies offering 4000 or more mutual funds how does the mutual fund investor know where to go and what to do. Mutual Fund Company online clarifies the process of mutual funds sales by and through education and understanding. is the face of mutual funds in Canada and that is important news for mutual fund investors without direction and input.  The whole idea is to make as much money as possible for the investor to reach some reasonable expecations.  Mutual Fund Company allows for the online tools and information to help eductate Canadians on mutual funds and create an environment through online tools and technology to push financial literacy to the edge by inter-facing with all Canadians young, old and new. The portal allows for both investor and advisor news and education and promotes exchange in ideas and is an important and integral part of the knowledge base for the financial consumer and the independent financial advisor.  The Advisor Channel is an important and meaningful link for any mutual fund company to hook up with, it is the driving force behind the financial sale to the customer and that advisor/client relationship is rich and deep for long-term sales for fund companies and their family of funds. More and more Canadians are online and using the Internet for research and as the Canadian Internet Advsertising Market grew to become a billion dollar industry in Canada.  Mutual Fund Companies need to learn how to use social and business media to their strengths to develop better relationships with their loyal customers and leap at the opportunity for greater marketshare from those who have no idea about the Internet and ecommerce and by the way “News Flash” Internet users are customers. Knowing what to offer the Canadian investing public in the online investment marketplace is critical to growing a stronger and more efficient mutual fund marketplace within Canada’s richest industry. Mutual Fund Advertisng, mutual fund marketing, mutual fund sales and distribution take notice FUNDCO  mutual fund investors are customers and they know what they want beyond service and results more than full, plain and true disclosure: COMMUNICATION.

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